About Rohan

Having been exposed to multiple languages (Portuguese, Tamil, English, and Mandarin) from a young age, Rohan developed an astute ear and skill of pattern recognition. When his twin brothers entered our world in 2010, activities that created order and repetition - such as solving puzzles - became comforting to Rohan. This was the basis of his parents encouraging (okay... forcing) him to try piano lessons beginning around 2013. Like most kids, Rohan began working through the Faber lesson books. But he soon needed more variety and challenge.

It was fortuitous that in 2015, the talented teacher Phil Surtees stepped in to work with the kids at a local studio. Phil was able to nurture Rohan's musical development in a holistic way with a progression of classical pieces, contemporary music, band pieces to play with his brothers, jazz sheets where he has opportunities to improvise, and music theory instruction. Rohan has developed the ability to play almost any song by ear. He also has nearly perfect pitch and aims to improve that unique ability.

Rohan is currently a 15-year-old sophomore at San Francisco University High School, where he plays tennis. Rohan will also be participating in the SF Jazz High School All-Stars Mentorship program this year and hopefully attending lots of Warriors games. 

Rohan's Songs

(2023) Nocturne

Frédéric Chopin

(2023) Twentysomething

Jamie Cullum

(2023) The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Michael Nyman

(2022) Clair de Lune

Claude Debussy

(2022) Concerto III in D Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

(2022) Over the Rainbow (in E and C#)

from The Wizard of Oz

(2022) My Favorite Things

from The Sound of Music

(2022) Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Hans Zimmer

(2022) Pennies From Heaven

Arthur Johnston and Johnny Burke