About Noah

True to his name, Noah wants to make peace in the world. His friendly nature, "hakuna matata" attitude, and physical toughness made him a perfect young student to start learning guitar before he even turned 5 years old.

Noah practiced classical guitar for more than 3 years to earn the privilege of incorporating electric guitar into his repertoire in 2018. We made a family trip to the famous Haight Ashbury Music Center, where he held and tried many instruments before choosing his guitar (pictured here).

Noah's first song on the electric guitar was no small jingle: he chose nothing other than the famous "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. Ever up for a challenge, Noah worked diligently for months, until this piece became a band favorite.

Today Noah is most proud of his rendition of "Miserlou" by Dick Dale on the electric guitar, and "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman and "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton on classical. Stay tuned for something new as Noah is also the first Swami 3 member to start writing his own songs.

Noah is currently an 8th-grader at Chinese American International School, and trains passionately year-round for his favorite sports of tennis and basketball.  Noah also loves exploring flight simulators and playing online chess in his free time. 

(2023) Tears in Heaven

Eric Clapton