About Us


We are 3 musical brothers living with our parents in San Francisco. Our band is called: “Swami 3” from our family surname: Swaminathan. 

Swami 3 Band of Brothers - Shaan with drumsticks, Rohan in the middle & Noah with his guitar | Photo taken in 2021 while standing on the sofa, wearing their school uniforms

Swami 3 takes off
Singapore 2021

Laura & Anand Swaminathan - Parents of Swami 3: Rohan, Noah & Shaan - San Francisco, USA

Swami Parents
Laura & Anand 2023

Swami 3 band of brothers - Recording vocals at the music studio in Los Angeles - 2024

Recording in the studio
Los Angeles 2024

Swami 3 band of brothers - San Francisco in 2024 | Shaan with his drumsticks, Rohan on keys and Noah with his guitar

Making music + smiles
San Francisco 2024

We each play our instrument, love performing LIVE together, and dream of creating lots of our own music to spread smiles to as many people as possible. 


Mar 2008 Rohan born: Swaminathan family begins
Mar 2010 Twins born: Shaan & Noah join the family
Dec 2014 Band officially forms: Santa puts a drum kit and a guitar under the tree
Sep 2015 Rohan meets music teacher Phil Surtees
Jun 2017 First recital - perform for friends & family in San Francisco
Apr 2019 Rohan’s hand surgery to remove a benign tumor
Jun 2020 Family move to Singapore for Dad’s work
Apr 2022 First booking - performed LIVE at The British Club, Singapore
Jun 2022 Return to San Francisco
Oct 2022 Booked to play LIVE as the opening act at the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair
Sep 2023 Perform LIVE at Noe Valley Farmers Market on Labor Day weekend
May 2023 Outdoor performance at Thrive City, Chase Center
Oct 2023 Outdoor performance at Thrive City, Chase Center (again)
Nov 2023 Band featured in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
Jan 2024 Interviewed on the State Of the Bay radio show - KALW Public Media / 91.7 FM Bay Area 
Mar 2024 Featured in San Francisco Chronicle newspaper article

Our journey has been punctuated by a global pandemic, but we’re not here to suck lemons! Instead, we made lemonade and became even closer as siblings by spending more time playing and making music together.