Swami 3


Who are Swami 3?

We are brothers from San Francisco, California who stumbled into different instruments according to our personalities. School closures in 2020 gave us the time and motivation we needed to synchronize as a band. Rohan (15) is fluid on the keys, Shaan (13) dazzles with drums & vocals, and Noah (13) jams on guitar. Visit our "about us" page to learn more, and meanwhile please take a listen to one of our favorite covers.

Rohan (15) is our pianist. He keeps the rhythm going with chords, carries the melody, and fills in the bass. Playing by ear and feel, he's the heart of the band.

Shaan (13) is the star of the band as lead singer and drummer. He will capture your attention with his stage presence if you can see him behind the cymbals.

Noah (13) is our guitarist and master of ceremonies, up front on center stage. He jams with those chords, nails the solos, and improvises like a rock star.

We are honored to be recently featured in The San Francisco Chronicle Datebook and KALW "State of the Bay" (listen to our interview at about 42m42s).